Trump’s Last-Minute Venue Scramble Ends at Woodlands Marriott, Gilley’s Bar

TRUMP’S LAST-MINUTE VENUE SCRAMBLE ENDS AT WOODLANDS MARRIOTT, GILLEY’S BAR The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, 1601 Lake Robbins Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380Yesterday morning presumptive GOP presidential nominee and figurehead of an alleged real estate education scam Donald Trump briefly appeared to have cancelled public rallies scheduled for Dallas tonight and Houston tomorrow, in both cases for lack of a venue. Multiple major Dallas-Forth Worth-area convention centers, citing unusually short notice and security concerns, reportedly refused to host the event. The campaign announced hours later that it would be holding tonight’s rally at a Gilley’s-branded nightclub in Dallas; tomorrow’s Houston event landed a convention room in the Woodlands Waterway Marriott immediately next door to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. During the interrim, the Houston Press tried to help Trump out, checking on availability at venues ranging from NRG Stadium to the Sam Houston Race Park, as well as some concert spots; a Warehouse Live employee told reporter Diana Wray that the venue was otherwise engaged for Friday, but that the hypothetical pairing of a Trump rally with tomorrow night’s planned BET-sponsored Trap Karaoke night would be “something to see.” [Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Houston Press] Photo of Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center at 1601 Lake Robbins Dr.: Marriott International

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  • On the news this morning, it was said that he was going to San Antonio, too. I just can’t imagine that going in his direction.

  • OMG, Trump Trap, make it happen.
    This was gold…and almost enough to make me want to vote Trump.

  • He’s here looking for money, number one. The campaigning is secondary — which is just as well. It’s warm enough lately without his hot air adding to it.

  • Only reason to go to a Trump rally is to witness the dregs of the American electorate in their full groupthink glory. People who are emboldened by this cretin cannot begin to acknowledge must less reduce their ignorance, prejudice, and insularity. Remembering the image of the sycophants at these “rallies” the next time we participate in national anthem ceremonies should remind us how detached many of our countrymen are from peaceful, progressive society.

  • Can’t wait to hear the results of his people looking into Obama’s birth certificate! Any day now! ;)

  • What a joke…these people protesting Trump have no idea why they’re doing it most likely..the guy says nothing racist, sexist or otherwise. The fact that he speaks about everyone real pisses off those who believe only in the list of subgroups promoted by their political gang/cult in order to keep them in power, and that people who believe in everyone are racist, especially rich, white males, which are ok to hate, which is racist, sexist and classist..but these people don’t realize that.
    We’re all in trouble people.

  • Dana-X, surely that was entirely sarcasm? If not, prime example of how our education system needs drastic overhaul.

  • So now they’re moving on from tossing race cards to insulting people by claiming they aren’t educated. Apparently tolerance is a one way street to Trump haters.