Trying To Answer a Piney Point Estates Mod’s Million-Dollar Question: Raze or Redo?




Can a Mod in Piney Point Estates eke out a new life, or is there a dozer in its future? And if it’s getting torn down, will 1 or 2 homes rise on the lot? This nearly intact 1960 home on 1.37 acres could go either way, its listing, posted yesterday, says. Priced at $999K, the slightly shaggy property has had some recent updates, such as a new roof and zoned HVAC. It’s located east of Gessner Rd. and north of Westheimer Rd.



Slate tile in the entry (above) echoes the mullion pattern of the picture window facing the front yard. In its current state, most of the common rooms stick with white walls and near-natural stained wood trim. Plus a fair amount of caramel-colored carpet:




The kitchen, however, flips that color code, with paneled walls and light cabinetry.



At the back of the 3,060-sq.-ft. home, the family room has a wall of windows (somewhere behind all the draperies):


Two of the bedrooms are downstairs, including the master suite, where a plethora of grid patterns intersect . . .


particularly in the master bathroom:



The bedroom next door . . .


has access to the full bathroom in the hallway, which currently displays the same combo of grids and grit:



One of the 2 bedrooms upstairs skipped its closeup. Here’s the other one, though:


They share the upstairs bathroom:



A camera shy storage room (beyond the door above) across the carport’s parking area comes with a bathroom. In the yard beyond that, a workshop makes its cheerful presence known:


Only 1 of its doors has an easy-up entry, however:



The listing includes plenty of exterior photos:








Somewhere on the grounds, there’s a patio. And in it . . .


this pond:


Ground Cover

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  • I think its cool and it would be an easy re-do, except for that kind of money people are looking for a much bigger house. If you were going to do a remodel, you would have to do such a big addition that it would overwhelm the original character of the house so why bother? Its just not economical to do a remodel of this place, sadly.

  • Raze – ceilings are too low.

  • I am all about keeping charming MCMs around, but this one needs to be nuked from orbit.

  • Why is this even a question? Of course it’s going to be a demo and two new specs will go up in it’s place. There’s a couple of new construction contemporarys on that street and I think the asking was around 1.8mln. And those mods sat and sat on the market, because nobody wants mods or contemporarys at the end of the day.

    Also, Shady Lane is one of those streets that’s Piney Point in name only, it’s actually City of Houston and is only accessible from Westheimer.

  • looks like it has some good bones and could be a really cool house. however, with land running $1MM i wouldn’t think about sinking a penny into it either. definitely going to be a tear down so can understand that’s what the listing is driving for.

  • Wow! If I only had a few $100k more!

  • Front of this house kinda looks like a church. This home needs $150k to $225k worth of remodeling and some of the rooms are laid out really weird. Why does the shed in the back need like 9 lights 3 would have been enough.

  • Oh wow! I love this place <3 <3 <3
    Slate floors? Trash.
    Old growth veneers (probably manufactured in Japan when it was 3rd World, an "emerging market")
    Be gone!
    That drum pendant in the den? It's the original and you're buying the knock-off right now on Elm Street, or whatever.

  • This place was odd the day it was built. Knock it down.

  • is that terrazzo floor in the kitchen? I wonder if that’s under the carpet in the den as well. I’d like to find out!
    I really like the looks of this house update the bathrooms and kitchen for sure, but the angles and corners in this place make it really interesting to me.
    too bad I don’t have the money to buy it.