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  • I noticed those the other day. I think they look great.

    Nice to see someone had the initiative to create and carry out this project.

  • I misread that sign to say “CHEATING Community & Commerce.” Or did I?

  • Why do the 6th ward signs have snowflakes on them?

  • Pone Tonie – The snowflakes are on a round banner with a vinyl sticker that will be replaced from time to time – right now it has a snowflake for winter. The round banner can also be used to highlight/advertise area events, etc.

  • First Ward was obviously there first. On the other hand, if being in the Sixth Ward will help us preserve some of the old homes and keep us from becoming another colony of Faux Tuscany then I’m fine with the annexation.

  • From my understanding the 6th ward signs are related to a newly created TIRZ and have less to do with the boundries of the historic wards

  • I consider the first ward to be north of Washington and the sixth ward to be south. The sixth ward is much nicer, historic and better maintained. The signs in the picture are just north of Washington, next to the Drake night club. In my opinion, should be first ward. Washington is the dividing line.

  • I speculate that the wards were numbered in order of existence (or eminence), like Baptist churches. Also, I would guess that First Ward has the right to hang their sign higher because they existed first, like the way the American flag flies over the Texas flag when they’re on the same pole.

    The First Ward sign is cooler in design, but it’s kind of ghetto that it was attached to a leaning electrical pole, like a garage sale sign.

    Sixth Ward sign loses points for tacky snowflakes (how often does it snow in Houston, even in winter?) but has a nicer post.

  • We have two MLK parades too…in the spirit of unity.

  • All of the 6th ward signs are in the 6th ward. Some folks developed the incorrect belief that Washington Ave is the boundary, but to me, that just means the new signs are proving instructional, as well as decorative.
    I’m all for the 1st Ward Arts District signage, but it belongs on Houston Ave, north of Washington. That stretch of road has some really cool potential (as well as a killer view of downtown), and I’d love to see it revitalized.

  • this signage is a true representation of the groups core ~ historical preservation in the OLD sixth ward is upside-down…they pushed legislature thru without due process re. building restrictions and gerrymandered the district boundaries relating to the “protected” area…and now there are over 18 mcmansions being build…some without garages…sad