Turkish Restaurant Transformation Now Taking Place Across Westheimer from Agora

A new eatery is on its way to the Montrose shop called Montrose at 1723 Westheimer, a block west of Dunlavy. The toponymic women’s clothing boutique had about a 3-year run in the space before it went out of business, leaving the building vacant. Just last week, the developers behind the coming Eastern European restaurant filed plans with the city to remodel the 1,830-sq.-ft. structure into something more Turkish and culinary: Cafe Bosphorus. A banner hung up on the left storefront window store heralds its arrival.

Photos: Hipster Hotspots (Montrose Shop); Cafe Bosphorus (sign)

Cafe Bosphorus

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  • How did they get permitting through the city with no parking? Glad its happening but it seems crazy. City has been pretty strict on this rule.

  • I always saw it called Bosporus. I guess Bosphorus is another way of spelling it?