Turning a Grocery Store into a Trampoline Park in Spring Cypress; Gotta Have Those Drone Pics

downtown cranes

Photo of downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Comparing the population of an arbitrarily-bounded municipality to the population of an unrelated geographic area doesn’t mean anything. Zero, zip, nada. I’ll bet that a pretty large number of people that live in the far west suburbs can’t even agree on what Katy is among themselves.

  • Is “Hollister Commons” going into the big forested lot in the 2200 block of Hollister?

  • This future Walmart in New Caney is less than 5 miles away from the Porter Walmart straight down highway 59. Even with the recent growth in East Montgomery County, I can’t imagine the area needs two Walmarts that close together. I foresee the New Caney Brookshire Brothers grocery store going out of business soon after the new Walmart opens.

  • yeah, i don’t get it either. are they comparing themselves to a city with over 300K residents and 13 different zip codes? when they say BP is one of the largest employers are they really saying that Katy, TX encompasses the BP complex in Houston inside of HWY6 or is there another BP complex out in Katy?
    i tend to consider everything past Park10 as Katy since there’s not much out there, but sounds like the actual boundaries aren’t very clear to anybody.

  • Katy does have boundaries, and most of the people who say they live in Katy don’t actually live in Katy. Katy Mills Mall is just inside the southeastern boundary of the city limits. Cinco Ranch and Seven Lakes are not in Katy.

    No way will Katy proper be larger than Pittsburgh unless an atomic bomb hits Pgh.

  • Like nearly everywhere in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is surrounded and suffused with ridiculous, tiny municipalities that make the city sound a lot smaller than it is.

    Pittsburgh has 300,000 people in the city limits, but Allegheny County has 1.2 million, which is by far the more relevant number.
    Allentown has around 120k, but Lehigh County has 350k, and so on.

    Philadelphia’s entire county was made into the city in the 1800s, but it’s still surrounded by tiny boroughs and townships.

  • @ Pitts: Do not underestimate the number of trailer parks in east Montgomery County. And they’re building more both there and in Liberty County. I would imagine that the Wal-Mart in Porter outperforms a lot of other stores. But it’s not just that.

    The Grand Parkway will change how a lot of people get to work and its going to open in 2015. A lot of Kingwood commuters are going to shift over to using the Grand Parkway to access Exxon and The Woodlands, so that should result in better traffic numbers and the people in the cars (being from Kingwood, not New Caney or Porter) should have more purchasing power. What’s more, although the Wal-Mart is on the inbound side of the freeway, which is traditionally less desirable, its on the side of the afternoon commute for this new audience. I would suspect that Wal-Mart knows the score about all of this.

  • The boundaries of “Katy” as a conventional term are a subject much in dispute, because you could be talking about the incorporated city (a tiny area), the mailing address (much bigger), or the ISD (which actually extends into the City of Houston). So if you’re going to ascribe specific numbers to “Katy,” you’d better also specific exactly what area you mean, otherwise it’s rather meaningless. Same goes for some other areas (Cypress, Spring etc.).

  • Ah Katy… My guess is that the people who think they’ll surpass Pittsburg are the same people who think Katy is now the geographic center of Houston.

  • I wish the North Shepherd area good luck in getting the underpass cleaned up. I’ll be watching how it gets accomplished, because up here in Austin we have many similar trashed out areas that are neglected by residents, businesses, and the city of Austin. In driving around Houston, I see far more areas that have been cleaned up and landscaped than in Austin. Our landscaping here in Austin is largely weeds and trash except along the river downtown (which is gorgeous and well kept).