Turning On the Brights in a $225K Shearn Cottage



It measures only 768 sq. ft., but a brightly painted 1930 home trims out its few rooms and doles them out in squared-off 12-ft. increments. The aquatic property is in the Shearn subdivison, located a block south of the Heights Hike-and-Bike trail and up the street from the back of Crockett Elementary’s campus. (Spring Street Studios is also nearby.) The little cottage’s entirety would likely fit inside the footprint of one of the towering townhome units cropping up nearby; waves of redevelopment are drawing nearer. Over the weekend, the property’s relisting by a new agency dropped the price to $224,000;  an initial listing in August 2013 got the ball rolling at $237,900. Will a wrecking ball be next?




That’s it for the listing’s peeks inside the home, which has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Exterior photos focus mostly on the front porch, which has made use of tall landscaping to fashion a semi-private garden room off the hard pack of the fenced front yard:





The lot, measuring 3,700 sq. ft., isn’t much wider than the home:


Two blocks west of this home, name-shifting Taylor-Sawyer Street leads to Target and a plethora of chain restaurants.

A Little House That Might

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  • How underachievingly depressing.

  • Their math is faulty. The rooms add up to 820 square feet, before even adding the two bathrooms. Also, HCAD shows this to be a 2 BR/1 bath. Is there some crappy addition that they are afraid to show us?