Turning on the WOW Lights on the Washington Roundabout

Here’s a twilight view of a first test last Friday night of one of the new Light Garden sculptures installed a few weeks ago at the Washington on Westcott roundabout — in advance of Tuesday’s turning-on ceremony. Two of 3 LED light fixture assemblies by Houston sculptor Tim Glover are planned for the intersection, the “four corners” spot for native tribes from Woodcrest, Crestwood, Rice Military, and Camp Logan. The WOW Roundabout Initiative plans to raise funds for the third.


Photos: WOW Roundabout Initiative

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  • Cool, looks like my LED lights from ikea.. Now fix the bricks, the roundabout has definitely seen better days.

  • Wonder if they will work as well as the ones they built on JFK at the Airport. That installation is either off or only half on most of the time.

  • Congratulations.

  • i agree, Corey. Those bricks are a mess. And forget trying to ride a bicycle on them.

  • In a year, they will not be functioning. It’s going to be just like the fiber optic lighting on the bridges over the Southwest Freeway. This city is great at building nice things, but sucks at keeping nice things working.

  • What a great addition to the west end of Wash Ave.!! The WOW group should really be proud to have reached this milestone. I hear they will be launching a capital campaign to raise the funds for sculpture #3!! Maybe we need to contribute. I’m loving the paths and native plants surrounding it all. Hopefully the CoH will be inspired to do their part and repair or redo the streets and curbs.

  • From what I read on their website, the sculptures aren’t a CoH project. The organization is private and they’re the ones, with the help of the surrounding community, maintaining them. The dirt and roadway are CoH.

  • Ok, let some transplants sop up their disposable income on something that’ll be run over or burned out soon. It still makes Houston warmer, and I plan on being there tomorrow. Way to go, guys!