TxDOT’s ‘Improper’ Land Grab; Five Below Times 8


Photo: Christof Spieler via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • When is enough enough on the dome? Cynthia Neely has been trying to get something done with the Dome for years with no luck. Why no luck? Because the dome was built for one purpose only, a sports stadium. Any redesign wouldn’t be practical unless it retained an arena configuration and we’ve already rejected that option. No private entity has the money or a feasible plan in place that makes financial sense and isn’t some “pie in the sky” idea. I say the county should jump the gun on the historical commission vote and blow the freaking thing up now.

  • RE: Piatto, I can’t believe how long the construction process on that building has been going on. Glad they finally have occupancy permits though. Driving by there this week, I saw a sign the a Los Cucos restaurant was going to open in the same building next to Piatto.

  • Re: Urban waterways

    The California based author lost me with the first 3 words, “The Buffalo Bayou…” Someone needs to school him in how to speak Southern.