Typhoon Texas Bounces Back from Christian Youth Lock-In Disaster

TYPHOON TEXAS BOUNCES BACK FROM CHRISTIAN YOUTH LOCK-IN DISASTER Typhoon Texas, 555 Katy Fort Bend Rd., Katy, TX, 77450Dennis Spellman has details on the chaotic scene that forced Katy’s Typhoon Texas waterpark, barely 2 weeks off of its mid-flood Memorial Day weekend opening, to shut down just 2 hours into an overnight youth lock-in sponsored by local Christian radio station KSBJ’s parent company. Spellman writes that Friday’s event quickly “turned into an out-of-control melee” that led to the park removing the group in the middle of the night; in addition to reports of violence and drug use among the 5,000 estimated attendees, witnesses tell Spellman that the teens disrupted the scheduled musical performances by throwing water at sound equipment, and rioted in the park’s pools before being ejected by police around 1:30am. The company says park staff worked through the night to clean up and was open by Saturday morning as regularly scheduled.  [Covering Katy; previously on Swamplot] Aerial photo of Typhoon Texas at 555 Katy Fort Bend Rd.: Typhoon Texas

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  • This is a great business decision. Showcases the water parks zero tolerance policy and makes it a more family friendly atmosphere if you know the water park will shut people down for getting out of control. No refund if you are an idiot.

  • In 100% unrelated news Typhoon Texas is looking for a new general manager

  • Sorry it didn’t work out for the park, but I’m not sure having a late night lock-in at a water park is a smart idea to begin with.
    A drowning could easily happen, and that’s not even a worst case scenario.

  • Saturday night’s tragedy in Orlando put a different dimension on the Typhoon Texas party fiasco. It was bad enough that the party got out of hand. It’s also terrifying to think that a quintessential soft target, not so different than the Club in Orlando, was essentially wide open. They couldn’t even control their invited guests – how would they respond to an attack?

  • So many bad decisions.
    Who creates a lockin for 3000+ kids and doesn’t provide adequate supervision?
    Who decides that dropping their kids off at said lockin is a good idea?
    Why would you set up a stage close enough to water that it can splash the stage and not have waterproof equipment?

  • 13 of the 19 attributed quotes in that article came from one person. hooray journalism!

  • Can’t a god fearing man just ride some slides in peace!!!!