UK, Texas Secessionists Now Watching Brexit Ballot Count

UK, TEXAS SECESSIONISTS NOW WATCHING BREXIT BALLOT COUNT Meanwhile, in London: The polls just closed following today’s national referendum on leaving the European Union, with official results expected some time after 7 AM local time (1 AM here). Dylan Baddour writes that a Brexit outcome could send ripples through the Texas economy, as Britain is the state’s 11th largest export market. The motion has also been followed closely by members of the Texas Nationalist Movement; the group is among those pushing a “Texit” secession agenda that fell 2 votes short of being put up for general consideration during voting on this year’s state Republican platform. [Houston Chronicle]

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  • What figures would grace our the Texas money and what would it still be dollars? My cousin is a convicted felon living in Louisiana. Would he be allowed to visit? I’m in a panic!

  • So stupid, this logic makes voting for Hillary or Donald seem reasonable. We need reform of this horribly polarized, corporate controlled, two party political system but the United States, with its liberties and freedom is the greatest country that has ever existed and we should spend all of effort freeing it from this monopoly of ideology that is being perpetrated by politicians and corporate leaders.

  • I’m sorry to see the Brexit vote as of this morning: this will cause a lot of turmoil in both the UK and EU.
    As for a Texas version and the braggadocio of secession, we are better off in the Union. I’m a native Texan and I love both Texas and the USA. “Two great tastes that go great together” to quote the old Reese’s slogan.

  • I’ll vote for a Texit on one condition: That we build a wall along the Oklahoma border.

  • Benjy, the working plan among us engineering folk is to go all Gadsden Purchase on Oklahoma, and buy everything south of Highway 70. Shorter, straighter wall + total sovereignty over the Red River. Molon labe!

  • Benjy: Don’t worry, if Texit were to occur, the Okies will build the wall themselves.