Under the Cottage Eaves on Shepherd Park Plaza Lot with Leaves

With its breeze-catching front porch, rockers, and kitchen garden, this 1939 cottage evokes old-time country living. Sort of. The home was overhauled in 2006. And it’s located across the street from a cluster of about 30 manufactured homes, some of which date back to the sixties. The home’s woodsy lot, which is more than a acre in Shepherd Park Plaza, is just west of N. Shepherd Dr. south of Pinemont Dr.


Listed last week at $349,000, the property lies behind a hefty gate across the driveway. What used to be the garage has been enclosed and repurposed into rooms upstairs and down, so there’s a carport instead — and mention of a workshop. Inside, the 1,353-sq.-ft. house has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

The fireplace is for gas logs. Its vintage mirror-capped mantel with wooden columns adds some formality to the living room.

The dining room’s French doors open to the back deck:

The walk-through kitchen has been renovated. Its dimensions are 7-by-22 ft.:

There’s a breakfast area with a door to the back yard:

The master bedroom and bath are downstairs:

Rooms upstairs capture spaces formed by the home’s dormers and have ceilings that follow the roofline.

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  • What a horrendous inside and out.

    Mismatching everything everywhere.

  • That is NOT in Shepherd Park Plaza.

  • Is that a mini-fridge under the microwave? Does it have a full-size fridge?

  • I love love love. I’d make some changes, but it’s a diamond I’d love to polish.

  • That is NOT in Shepherd Park Plaza.

    not sure what that area between SPP and Shepherd is called, far more interesting and diverse with bigger lots than SPP, think 70’s Heights style diversity; mixed commercial and residential of widely varying values…been that way long as I can remember

  • I think that’s in Candlelight Estates.

  • It’s not actually in a subdivision, it’s Tract 20G of Abstract 94 S W Allen.

  • And it looks like it’s a rental. Owner lives in Galveston.

    I agree with EMME, it definitely has potential.

  • mmmm what an attractive, unmolested block! Space for a dozen townhomes!

  • Manufactured home = trailer

  • Walked by there this morning. Very diverse street, light manufacturing/commercial closer to Shepherd, a few older homes, a few more really nice estate type properties and several trailer parks interspersed amongst all of this.

  • Yeah, I’d say it’s mixed. There’s a halfway house a block away named Logan’s Bridge. 915 Lehman Street