Unloading a Glover Home in River Oaks; Firing Up Food Trucks Downtown

deer park

Photo of Deer Park Refinery: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • No mention of the MURDER in Gables West Ave early Sunday morning?

  • When a house in Houston is deemed “Historic” I start listening for the bulldozers. It seems to developers the term historic is an aphrodisiac, it seems to possess them to destroy. This RO home of course has no protections and it wouldn’t matter if it did, either way it would be leveled in a fortnight. Houston doesn’t really have passion for Preservation, like say SA or New Orleans and it’s reflected in its cavalier attitude toward efforts to protect structures or neighborhoods. You’d have thought Parker, living in Montrose, would have championed Preservation, well I thought she’d champion gay rights too, so she’s a disappointment all around.

  • Shannon- No fan of Parker’s but in all seriousness with no snarkiness intended, what more on a local level could she do for gay rights? She’s certainly never hidden her marriage, she’s pushed the controversial job discrimination ordinance and has denounced discrimination. Seems like she has done more in this arena than any of her predecessors. Now if you want to trash her for public works, police and preservation, let the games begin.

  • As a former Big Sister, I am happy to see that BBBS is expanding. It’s a great organization and always looking for Bigs. A few weeks back, I met up with my little who is now a teacher and a coach and making plans for Graduate School and I couldn’t be more happy for all her success.

  • JT, SA has an anti discrimination ordinance put forth by Mayor Julian Castro a full 2 years before Houston. How is it possible that a gay mayor of a city with a strong mayor government didn’t even consider doing this until she was 5 years into her term! It’s fucking inexcusable. It’s like Houston electing a black mayor and that person allows Jim Crow. She had been a very poor mayor. I liked Lanier and White and at least Brown knew he was an idiot and just stepped out of the way. Parker has been needlessly antagonist, she’s squandered her enormous power all while being mayor during a boom. I’m ready for her to exit stage left.

  • I’d pick up that RO old POS for land value of about $1.5 mil, throw a couple of mil at it for new construction and sell it for right under $5 mil (numbers according to recent market conditions). And of course I would spend every single penny of the profits at Chick-Fil-A ;)

  • Shannon–Ok point noted.
    Commonsense–Too funny!

  • JT-please don’t feed the trolls.

  • James, lighten up, dude, we’re not writing the Magna Carta here, it’s a fun blog.