Upgrading Upper Kirby Office Buildings

A few more views of the renovations from Cisneros Design Studio planned for the office buildings at 3701 and 3801 Kirby Dr., near the Elevation Burger and the closed Maggie Rita’s on Richmond: To be removed from the façade, it appears, is that throwback turquoise-and-red detailing, replaced with what architect Tim Cisneros tells the Houston Chronicle is a kind of stretchy vinyl skin.


This view looks north toward Richmond from the west side of Kirby.

Below: A shot showing the proposed amenity decks. (That barn-looking thing in shadow at the very left of the photo is the closed Maggie Rita’s.)

Renderings: Cisneros Design Studios

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  • Didn’t they just reno these a few years ago, and isn’t 3701 the building with the car on the side?

  • This needed some sort of attention. Hope it turns out better than these pics.

  • oh yeah! shrink-wrapping in plastic should work out just fine . . . . (sound of hurricane sucking giant plastic wrap and
    dropping on SW Fwy cars)

  • GoogleMaster, the Mini is on 3303 Kirby.

    Happy to see this building (home of my credit union) getting some love, but I liked the art-deco-ish details.

  • OK, but I think 3701 got some work done within the past 5 years. I know it hasn’t always had the nifty lettering, er, numbering.

    Also, I think 3701 is the one where somebody’s fancy car — was it a beamer? a mercedes? — drove into the freshly poured Kirby surface and got stuck. IIRC, there are pictures here on SL.

  • I agree; the pics are not very inspiring.

  • Someday this 1950’s early 60’s office building architecture will be classic….that is if we quit calling buildings from this period “ugly” (as many do the Exxon Bldg. downtown). I am glad to see that they are maintaing the general integrity of the architecture. It doesn’t need to be from the 1800’s to be preserved and considered valuable.

  • GoogleMaster, it was a Lexus that was driven out into Kirby from Norfolk between 3701 and 3801.

  • I hope they plant street trees along Kirby. They probably won’t……typical!

  • Vinyl in the Houston Summer sun. Nice.