Upscale Party Warehouse LIFE HTX by Lanier MS Now Labeled, Open To Your Interior Decorating Ideas

LIFE HTX, 2512 Woodhead St., Montrose, Houston, 77019

An evening update on that wood-adorned metal structure at 2512 Woodhead St., behind The Upper Hand salon: all of the slats are in place along with the LIFE HTX signage, and the company appears to have hosted its first event in late May. The venue’s website says that the 4,000-sq.-ft. space can hold up to 250 people, though you’ll have to start hiring extra security guards if you tip past 100. The setup also allows renters to project the giant images of their choice onto the interior walls (or just hang things on them instead).

The space is across Woodhead from the Eagle Express Cleaners, the AZ Food Mart, and Bravo Key & Lock, at the Shamrock gas station:


View from parking lot next to LIFE HTX, 2512 Woodhead St., Montrose, Houston, 77019

Visible further down the road on the far right is the tile-roofed 2-story retail-office building at 1740 Westheimer, which houses Marye-Kelley home decor and the Houston office of seismic data hoarder Geophysical Pursuit.

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Marked Up in Montrose

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  • Wish them the best long term, but seems like this is going to be a tough market segment to be in moving forward with so much available space and shuttering restaurants across town.

  • on top of that LIFE HTX is probably the worst name I can imagine. This silly play off of ATX needs to stop. H-town or bayou city are fine. Keep austin in austin, we’re just fine.

  • H-town isn’t fine either. Only hipster newbies call it that. Regarding LIFE HTX, I’m not looking forward to what looks like basically a rave venue in the neighborhood.

  • Actually, the term H-town was coined in the early nineties. Therefore, you must be the newbie/hipster. Or just lack the knowledge of this great city.

  • Lifelong Houstonian and I call it H-town. So yea, not just newbies.

  • We can’t even break even on “raves” in the East End anymore. (seriously, try to cover your DJ+rig costs in a venue without alcohol sales. I’ll wait.) The worst case scenario for this Montrose space will be some guy spinning deep house while emaciated SWPLs instagram themselves.