Uptown Bus Lanes Will Drive Through Newly-Shuttered Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru at 610 and Richmond

The 2 new METRO bus lanes — linking a proposed Bellaire transit center to the new middle-of-the-road path up Post Oak Blvd. — won’t run over the actual building at Chick-fil-A’s Richmond Ave location, but they will cut through the property. Last month, the fast-food company agreed to vacate its spot at 5005 Richmond after the State of Texas initiated an eminent domain proceeding against it — and the location subsequently closed. (The 4 strip tenants in Weingarten Realty’s surrounding Richmond Square Shopping CenterBestBuy, Mattress1One, Cost Plus World Market, and Luggage & Leather — are also targeted in the proceeding.)

Adding the new transit route (shown in the map below as a vertical orange line partly covered-over with yellowish-gray) is part of a whole tangle of changes TxDOT has planned for the 610-59 interchange:


When construction is complete, the bus lanes will cross through what’s now Chick-fil-A’s parking lot fronting the 610 feeder — according to survey documents filed by the state — cozying up to the eastern side of the building:

Photo: Rex Solomon. Maps: TxDOT (610-59 reconstruction); Lupher LLC (Chick-fil-A propety)

Eminent Domain

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  • Every time a Chic-Fil-A closes, an angel weeps with joy. Awful food.

  • This chick fil A was the worst; we used them for catering (who doesn’t love nuggets) and got a call a couple days later, we under charged you $5 and you have to pay us.. This was a several hundred dollar order; and their mistake yet had no problem nickle and diming our company for their $5 mistake.. Pathetic.

  • hmmm, nickel an diming you?? You need all the money you can get with that high land value.

  • Chic fil a is the best fast food operation I have every been to! Thank god !

  • Just a waste of more tax payer dollars for something not needed