Vestalia Homes: Our Word Is Our Bond

A few ominous tidbits from the website of John Speer’s latest building venture, Vestalia Homes, which makes no mention of Speer’s former company, Royce Builders — or the more than $17 million Royce still owes its creditors:

When it comes to homebuilding, we understand that it is not just about making the customer happy. As the expert, we are committed to doing the little things of which the customer may not even be aware. . . .

And on the “Build on Your Lot” page:

It’s about trust.

Trusting your land and your dream home to a builder is a major decision. Placing your trust in the right builder is more than just a matter of choosing a builder who intends to please you. . . .

Does the builder have a reputation for delivering results?

Vestalia’s partners and builders have decades of experience in delivering excellence in homebuilding. Our team has “seen it all” and we understand the importance of communication in building a custom home. Our team’s track record speaks volumes.

Photo of unfinished entry, 18522 Arlan Lake Dr., for sale: Vestalia Homes

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  • Our team’s track record speaks volumes.

    Certainly does. And it puts those licensed by the state to practice real estate in a curious predicament with regard to disclosure, doesn’t it? Not supposed to say someone’s a crook and avoid them. Even if they are and you should.

  • Just to demonstrate how worthless trade associations like the Greater Houston Builders Association actually are, note on their amateurish website that Vestalia is a “proud” member of not only the GHBA but the National Association of Home Builders, etc., etc. If the GHBA or any of the other associations or councils that Vestalia claims membership in to boost its credibility had any INTEGRITY whatsoever, they would deny its membership application and distance themselves from such blatant public corruption and mismanagement. Unfortunately, that would require clear and objective thinking. But as long as a company has the price of admission, they too can be ‘proud’ members of these meaningless associations. John Speer was instrumental in donating the construction of the GHBA headquarters on the Sam Houston Parkway, less than a mile from the old Royce Builders building, so he can apparently continue to buy credibility from them. What’s that expression about lying with dogs?

  • Slime in the Ice Machine!

  • Speer and GHBA don’t historically have any great connection, and back when GHBA constructed their headquarters there Royce still officed up off of FM 1960 West. GHBA located there because many, many large builders and related vendors office along Beltway 8 from about Westchase to Greenspoint – not because of one member’s influence. The vast majority of GHBA’s members are honest, reputable business people. They made a questionable judgement call in letting Speer re-join, and many of their honest, hard working members are not happy about that choice.

  • For those of you left in a dark subdivision, spears’ house will be lit up for their annual holiday gala on Dec 4th.

  • For those of you left in a dark subdivision, spears’ house will be lit up for their annual holiday gala on Dec 4th.