Victorian’s Barbecue Bails on the East End Building That Bears Its Name

VICTORIAN’S BARBECUE BAILS ON THE EAST END BUILDING THAT BEARS ITS NAME Despite its new paint job, the low and flat building on the corner of N. York and Sampson will not play host to Victorian’s Barbecue, pitmaster Joey Victorian announces on Instagram, “but that’s not going to stop us from pursuing our dreams of a brick and mortar” somewhere else, he adds. The markings Victorian left on the structure last summer were the first real signs of change there since an entity connected to Houston real estate company Ancorian bought it in 2017. [Victorian’s Barbecue via HAIF; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Victorian’s Barbecue

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  • The building never looked like that. It was painted black, and that was it. The logo and other graphics were Photoshopped onto pictures of the black building and shared on social media.
    I drive by this building a few times a week and live close by, and I’m very disappointed that this fell through.