Victoria’s Secret Has Taken Off from Highland Village

Victoria’s Secret is the latest retailer to retreat from the Highland Village Shopping Center. The photo at top shows the former underwear and other mentionables store at 3942 Westheimer dressed down with a sign outside announcing its closure — which took place this past weekend. The vacant storefront now blends in better with its neighbor, the former Joseph shoe store that shuttered late last year:


Photos: Swamplot inbox


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  • As the migrations increase out of Rice Village one has to wonder about the “genus” who decided that pay parking was a good idea. Perhaps it was if your intent was to clear out space … I know I don’t go there anymore.

  • This post is about Highland VIllage, where parking is free. Great logic though.

  • @WR – Wait, does Highland Village have pay parking too?

  • This is surely based on their rent increases that was mentioned in the West Elm moving/closing post though.
    But Highlland charges to park in their surface lots now? I was thinking about swinging by West Elm one of these days, but not if it’s going to cost me. I haven’t been there in ages now though so if there’s Free parking garages and all then I’m obviously ignorant on it all.

  • All Highland Village parking is free, or at least it was ~a month ago the last time that I went.
    Bar and restaurant customers may be willing to pay for parking, but retail customers generally won’t. Especially when shopping online is so cheap and convenient.

  • @ WR, HeyHey, Joel. Surface parking is free at Highland Village and there is a free garage as well. West Elm permanently closed last Saturday.

  • According to inside source, the reason for closing this location was because the new Galleria Mall location has opened (splitting VS & Pink into two diff. stores). This is the reason behind this, not because Highland Village is imposing this or that.

    Once the Galleria Mall Flagship stores opened last month, it was inevitable this nearby location would close for marketing issues.

    My two cents.


  • “Nobody goes there because the parking’s always full.”

  • @Angostura. “Nobody goes there because the parking’s always full.” That’s never true during the week or early in the business hours Saturday and Sunday.

  • J- Angostura was channeling Yogi.

  • Parking situation in Highland Village is terrible.