Village Burrito Mission Accomplished

Major wrapping operations ended last Saturday at the Mission Burrito on Morningside Dr. in the Rice Village, a Swamplot reader reports:

We went to the W. Alabama location and had our tortilla soup, but I was just really surprised that the Village location tanked so soon.

The Village Arcade location opened last May. A new Mission Burrito opened on FM 1960 in Atascocita just last month.

Photo of Mission Burrito, 5510 Morningside Dr.: Mission Burritos

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  • Shoot, I didn’t even know they opened that one.

    I usually go to the one on Durham by I-10.

  • I wonder if they lost too much money by offering Rice students free lunch every thursday last summer. Man it was packed on those days!

  • My guess… lack of parking. We eat at Mission all the time (‘Bama location). We went to the Village one a few times, but parking was always a PITA. You had to park several floors up in the garage, just for a burrito? We love the restaurants in that area, everything from Black Walnut to Jason’s Deli, but parking makes us think twice far too often.

  • Too bad. Parking was a mess. I get similar bowls with healthier ingredients at chicken kitchen…. it’s very good and they have burritos too. Just down the street on Rice Blvd.

  • Agree, Chicken Kitchen is sooooo good. I will miss Mission Burrito though. =(

  • Where is Chicken Kitchen? Sounds like I should visit!

  • I’m with snooty. It’s sounds like the others are giving some glowing reviews!