Virginity Hit on the Southwest Freeway

Spoiler Alert! Okay, so you see that “Still a Virgin?” billboard off 59 on the way to work yesterday and then, y’know, curiosity gets the better of you and the next thing you know you’re in some sort of voicemail comedy hell. And then the feelings of regret set in. You start asking yourself, “Okay, did I just lose my movie-marketing-campaign virginity?” Well, hey — you can’t get that back again, but you can brush it off. Swamplot is here to uh . . . help:


Didn’t catch that R rating in the bottom right corner? Yes, you and more than 70,000 others around the country have been suckered entertained by yet another “guerrilla” movie-marketing stunt — this time by the team promoting another one of those cute little coming-of-age-with-a-video-camera-in-tow romps from Sony Pictures. And you thought it was another one of those helpful megachurch outreach projects. Helpful hint, to guard against any potential on-the-job-surfing embarrassments: That’s an “H,” not a “K,” in the web address for the movie. Whatever site you reach at won’t show you a trailer.

Photo: Swamplot inbox