Voodoo Queen ‘So Close’ To Opening in the East End

This mural of what is presumably a voodoo queen recently went up on the side of Voodoo Queen, that new bar and eatery from the hot dogs at Moon Tower Inn. Also in the East End, Voodoo Queen will be opening soon in the former Joe’s Bar and Grill at 322 Milby St., at the corner of Milby and Preston; that’s just one block north of the Maximus Coffee Group plant and the forthcoming East End light-rail line along Harrisburg.

After the jump, you can see a photo of the entrance facing Milby:


There’s still no word when the place is going to open; a July 18 Facebook post promises: “so close. soooo damn close.”

Photos: Voodoo Queen

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  • The East End is getting Voodoo Queen and Moon Tower while Montrose gets a world-class croissant place, Vinoteca Poscól and The Susanne. The funk and character of Houston still exists but has relocated.

  • I think we all have heard that Eado is the new Montrose.

  • The Red Line construction was met with complainers a decade ago. The East End Line is being met with creators.

  • “Eado” is not the new Montrose; the East End is. Eado is an unfortunately named portion of the greater east end. And, Harrisburg at Milby is definitely not Eado. We need a handy little Venn diagram for reference.

    Eado’s new bar is the also-unfortunately named Mojeaux’s LA Drinkery. For all I know it’s perfectly cool, but I haven’t been. It will be great to have a new bar that serves liquor instead of just beer (but we still love you D&W)

  • “The Red Line construction was met with complainers a decade ago. The East End Line is being met with creators.”

    Please do not post about something you are clueless about. Many businesses are suffering because the length of the construction process. The original Doneraki’s has been closed down. The strip center next to it has little business. A popular barber shop was forced to move because lost of customers. Mercado Rodriguez, a dance hall, filed for bankruptcy and that has been around for 40 years and owned by the same family. The East End was better suited for the construction process considering it’s location. Metro claimed they would help the businesses but no one has received any help.

  • Also there are many schools in the area along the Red Line so opening new bars/restaurants that serve alcohol is next to impossible. It’s going to take a longer time for that area to adjust.