Voting for the Swamplot Awards Begins Today

Last night nominations closed at midnight for the first 2 of the 8 categories in this year’s Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate: Favorite Houston Design Cliché and Best Demolition. Later today, we’ll kick off the voting when we announce the official nominees for the first of those categories. After that, through this week and part of the next, we’ll work our way through the rest of the categories in sequence, announcing the official nominees and opening the voting for each, one by one.

For the categories for which nominations have not closed, though, we still need your help. Take a look at the suggestions posted in the comments sections of the 6 remaining categories (all the categories are listed here). If you find anything missing, please add your nominations now! If you think you can improve on any of the explanations already submitted, please do so. Or if you see a nomination without any explanation at all, please add a good one! Got photos of any of the nominees? Please send them!

The deadline for nominations in the next 2 categories — Best Houston Transplant and the Ground-Floor Retail Award — is midnight tonight. 

The 2013 Swampies