Wake Me When They Add Paintball: Walmart’s New Dollar Ice Cream and Juice Bar Stunner

A reader who says he’s been to many Walmarts tells Swamplot he was “stunned” to find this ice-cream counter and juice bar in the newly opened store at Northline Commons off I-45 near Crosstimbers — “serving horchata no less.” The new section is near the produce and bakery. Stunned? Really?

It makes so much sense for walmart to do this when you consider the number of kids who tag along with their parents. I also [saw] lots of kids and adults eating ice-cream in store while shopping. And at $1 they will be eating coldstone’s lunch pretty soon. . . . the only other store i can think of that has ice cream counters in store is costco. So the all around awesomeness of it was what stunned me i guess.

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  • I’d be surprised if you could find a Coldstone anywhere near Northline. Or a Marble Slab.

  • IKEA …. they’ve been selling dollar ice-creams pretty much forever.

  • now i can’t wait for the heights
    walmart…..YEAH GO TEAM WALMART

  • Awesome! – Now the little kids running around the filthy store will be more hyper and more grossly fat than ever. Yeah Wal-Mart.

  • I think the Wal-Mart on Shaver St. in Pasadena also has an ice cream counter as well as a hot deli section. I usually shop at the Wal-Mart on Fairmont Parkway near Beltway 8, but popped in the Shaver store to grab some raspberry extract. If memory serves, there was also some tables set up so you can sit and eat your food. In a way, I hope they will have the same at the Fairmont location because really, the only option there for a quick bite while shopping is McDonalds.

  • It is part of Walmart’s new strategy to make sure that its customers get so fat that they can’t even walk and have no choice but to shop at Walmart because their mechanical scooters can only fit in Walmart’s wide aisles.

  • I agree, poor people clearly should not be allowed to be choosing when and how much fattening food to eat. This sort of amenity should be restricted to stores of the caliber of Central Market and Whole Foods. It’s for their own good.

  • Aww man! This is something else. I think walmart will start carrying coon dick toothpicks next! Walmart sucks, Thanks!


  • I had to go google that “toothpick”, BC.
    (I’m not from around here)

  • “Coon dick toothpick”…and I thought I’d heard everything. Dear Swamplot readers, for your edification and enjoyment here is a discourse on coon dick toothpick.


  • Good for Walmart for understanding the simple rules of supply and demand. It could do a lot of the people here a lot of good to go back and read their Economics 101 lessons. And shame on all the businesses charging $5 for an ice cream cone when clearly the profit margin isn’t anywhere near that.

  • You are right Jimbo. The free market has done a wonderful job providing healthy and affordable food to Americans. Obesity rates have been on the decline for decades and no one gets adult onset diabetes anymore. Good thing Walmart will now provide kids and their parents with a much needed ice cream at least once a week to make sure they do not get too skinny.

  • biggerintexas, you might want to dust off your Marketing 101 textbook. It’s called a loss leader.

  • It’s a win-win, because people who shop at Wal-Mart are fat, dumb, poor, and fat. And also dumb. Haven’t you seen that one website? A premier boutique artisan creamery like Coldstone or Marble Slab would be wasted on these heathens. They would probably just spill the good stuff all over the cloth interiors of their Toyotas. God, I hate poor people…


  • Mmmm, food-like chemicals for a $1. Let’s see how this works… Step 1: Feed the masses unhealthy crap. Step 2: Human bodies succumb to being poisoned. Step 3: Masses seek a quick fix from their local doctor/pharmaceutical company bitch which results in expensive medical procedures and prescription drugs. Step 3: Ability to work declines, bills increase, and masses can only afford the cheapest goods. Step 4: Buy more crap at Wal-Mart. The cycle is complete.

  • Hey guys. Glad ya’ll liked that Coon Dick toothpick idea. I think we’d be better off if this walmart sold them picks instead of this poison they are peddlin to fat kids and losers. Let me know.

  • This is why I come to Swamplot. I know, and am reminded quite often, that many of those who frequent this site are the cream of the crop – superior – and clearly way better than anyone who shops at Wal-Mart.
    I can only hope to join this group of elites; I guess I’ll settle on being an apprentice for now. One day I hope to be accepted into the club. Then I’ll be able to ignore the failings in my own life and instead mock others who are not as well off as I am.

  • They saw how successful IKEA was at making fat quiet children with $1 cinnamon rolls and hot dogs