Likely Website Glitch Shows Shows New Walmart Neighborhood Market Headed to Washington Ave Near Memorial Heights


Here’s a map a reader sent yesterday apparently showing the location of “Walmart Neighborhood Market #3450,” on Washington Ave, just east of the newly sold Archstone Memorial Heights apartment complex at 201 S. Heights Blvd. (A different Walmart map shows it in the same spot.)



walmart-mapThat 77299 ZIP appears to be one of those mostly P.O. box-only codes the USPS uses, and if you try to map it on other sites, it generally pops up downtown in scattered locales. And there’s an existing Walmart Supercenter at 3450 FM 1960 W., for what that’s worth.

Who knows? It is probably just a glitch.

Or maybe the retail behemoth really is planning to build a new neighborhood market roughly 10 blocks away from its Yale St. Supercenter, and right next-door to CityCentre developers’ Midway Cos. new acquisition. Or maybe a Walmart is envisioned as a component of any ground-floor retail that could be coming to a hypothetical mixed-use development coming to the Archstone site.

“I don’t see the developers of CityCentre favoring a Walmart in any iteration especially with it being so close to the Supercenter on Yale St., but the need for grocery stores is pretty high so ya never know,” the reader says.

Maps: Walmart

Mystery Walmart By The Heights Walmart

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  • If it was a real project, it would be hilarious just for the comments here alone.

  • I can see the signs now… “Stop the second Heights Walmart!” – printed on poster boards purchased at Walmart on Yale.

  • Somewhere OSW residents heads are exploding…. It may not be in their neighborhood but it is close enough it will cause a scene.

  • Oh my God. Go away!!!

  • What if “3450” is not the store number, but the physical address? 3450 Washington Ave. comes up in that exact location. A first floor grocery retailer would be a huge draw for an apartment building, but its just a stone’s throw from Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart. I guess you’d be hard pressed to find a retailer in the style of Phoenicia to build out like One Park Place downtown.

  • I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but… the USPS garage is at that location. IDK if it has PO boxes or not.

  • Wal-Mart is really low quality and they have no clue how to run an efficient store. It takes 15 minutes to check out no matter how empty the store. Once I told a manager that had I gone to an HEB ten minutes further away from my home that I’d be home now. Her reply: “Why you gotta be bringing HEB into this?” They obviously know they suck. That’s what happens when your sole objective is to be cheaper than everyone else. Pay for motivated workers and you’ll get quality performance. A lesson Wal-Mart will never understand.

  • @Houstonian – Your rant reminds me of the lady in front of me at McDonald’s screaming at the manager for her burger not being customized the way she requested it. If she would just take a step back, she would see that she just paid $3.50 for a burger-ish product made from chemicals and other near-foods, completed in a factory-like setting staffed by minimum wage workers who really don’t give a shit (seriously…they REALLY don’t).

    Meanwhile, for $10.00, she could get a real burger at a restaurant where they would be happy to customize it and provide a level of service that match that level of expense. Wal-Mart is no different.

  • @Superdave that was too short to be a rant :)

    I’ve only gone to Walmart like 2 times in the last year, so I totally agree with your points. The problem is walmarts are popping up everywhere and the problem is going to intensify with the smaller Walmart grocery stores. They are so cheap, they won’t even hire a real graphic artist to make their logo. When the Walmart arrives in your neighborhood, you’re likely stuck with it for the next 50 years. Glad I live near HEB And Costco now.

  • We do NOT need another Wal Mart within the loop or within very close proximity to the loop. I think 2 (I may be wrong on this number – maybe more) – plus the new one going up by Micro Center at S. Rice and Westpark – is plenty. “Neigborhood Market” or “Supercenter” – Wal Mart sucksssss.