Wanted in Montrose: Rock Hard, Built by Apple

Trying to work in a little last-minute resale shopping before Christmas, photographer Sarah Lipscomb spots a few signs that some desirable hardware is missing in Montrose:

My mom and I were on our way to the Guild Shop the other day and I noticed a couple of multi colored signs posted just before the Fiesta on Dunlavy. The first one says “WHY CAN’T YOU LOVE ME” the next one “LIKE l LOVE YOU?” I thought this was curious, my mom didn’t notice and we kept driving. We get to the Guild and it was closed for Christmas so we turned right on Welch and headed to the Blue Bird (our second choice in Resale shops.) I then see two more signs. The first one says “I WANT A ROCK HARD” next one “SIX PACK” Now I am getting really interested . . .


I try to explain it to my mom she still doesn’t get it and we turn right on Commonwealth. There at the corner of Commonwealth and Fairview I see 3 more signs.

1. “I REALLY REALLY WANT” 2. “a 15 inch” 3.“ MAC Book Pro” I tell my mom this is a feminine art statement worthy of being carried out by the likes of our very own Laura Lark or maybe an imposter like that Lana Lank out of San Antonio…

On Christmas Day, Lipscomb returns with a friend to photograph more signs, but these are all she finds. They put together a map. And Lipscomb comments:

I sure can appreciate the effort on the signs and I couldn’t agree more on what she really really wants. I want the same things, but the tragic part is even if we post signs right in front of your house you men still don’t get it. Women have many talents- one is we can read your mind. Men on the other hand can’t even read the signs we put right in front of them. How do we get the man to get the message? Or should we just stop trying?

Photos: Sarah Lipscomb

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  • There are several more signs on Taft: I really want a baby, just not now.
    On Westheimer, there’s a sign across for Bj’s that says: I think I’m a bad artist.
    On Mandell, there are several more signs: I really want to win the lottery and I sometimes think about men. I have photos, just not with me.

  • Feminine art statement?? Maybe they’re not the work of a female artist. I think it’s kind of silly to assume that. Perhaps they’re done by more than one person or a team.

  • I live around the corner from the “Rock Hard Abs” signs. They have been removed. Grinches. And the “15-inch Mac Book Pro” signs have been around for at least a couple of months.

    Kudos to the artist. They remind of the old Burma Shave signs – a nice little surprise when you’re walking/driving around.

  • “Kudos” to the artist when it’s witty and funny, “Send ’em to jail” when they tag a wall, dumpster or utility box.

  • GUK: Well, yes and no? I’m not sure what you’re saying here. The artist was respectful of private property, and it was witty and funny. I’m not personally a big fan of witless tagging, being from a gang-tagging-riddled community myself. I am a big fan of art, graffiti or otherwise.

  • I still see larger and much more visually intrusive signs posted on public property by politicians – the winners and losers! If you can remove it with a sharp tug, I wouldn’t call it graffiti. Maybe firmly placed litter at the worst.