Warehouse Turned House Turned Mobile: Start’s East Downtown Startup Incubator

This 1963 warehouse on the corner of Delano and Dallas in East Downtown was converted into an ultramod residence in 2003. But its new owners, who purchased it about a month and a half ago, are turning it back to commercial use as a co-working space and high-tech accelerator intended for small startup companies developing applications for mobile phones. The 5,000-sq.-ft. building now features a single 800-sq.-ft. dedicated office space and a 3,000-sq.-ft. co-working area which entrepreneurs can use for a $199-a-month per person fee (all-hours access, wi-fi, printer, and coffee included) — or reserve a specific desk in for $299. Here’s how it looks:


There’s also the all-important actual 2-car garage, useful for establishing startup street cred:

The garage is air conditioned. It and an adjoining space can be used for meetings. Garage-style doors also open into the building’s open-air atrium:

Founders Gaurav Khandelwal and Apurva Sanghavi are inaugurating the mobile-startup incubator, which they’re calling Start, with a mobile hackathon this weekend. It kicks off with an “appy” hour tonight.

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • East Downtown, is that the same place as EaDo?


  • There is no such name as eado. It’s a myth.

    The area is and always has been the East End.

  • EaDo = East Downtown is real.

    Check out http://www.eadohouston.com

  • Claptrap made up by some marketing idiot.

  • Man… Looked like a pretty cool house. Oh well.

  • Claptrap made up by some marketing idiot.

    Marketing idiots are humans too. Every name is made up by someone.

  • Looks like a really innovative startup…it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • Congrats to Gaurav and Apurva! This is great for Houston’s budding mobile tech community.

  • I understand why someone made up the name “EaDo,” but what I don’t understand is why anyone thinks it’s better that “the East End.”

  • I think of “the east end” as everything east of downtown all the way to 610. Eado is more of the area just east of downtown (not much past the new dynamo stadium). I’m not alone in this thought. Eado is a stupid name, but people have been calling that area that for a long time, now people have more reasons to go there and the name is getting used more frequently by more people. Trendy names although silly and annoying, are very helpful in marketing an area (especially if you are trying to make it a new hot spot).

  • Thanks for a fantastic write up & photoshoot! We’re excited about the prospect of bringing together Houston’s Tech community to a growing part of east Downtown!