Washington Ave. Latest: Wrestler-Themed Tacos To Calm the Nightly Grind

Here’s a concept perfect for the former home of the Daily Grind coffee shop at 4115 Washington Ave.: A new bar!

But the Washington Ave. Drinkery will be very different from all those nightclubs Sixth Ward residents love to stand outside and videotape, owners Andrew and Doyle Adams explain to Allison Wollam of the Houston Business Journal:

“It will be a place where people will want to come to have a good time instead of wanting to be seen having a good time,” Andrew Adams says.

Unlike other high-end bars in the area, Adams says The Washington Ave. Drinkery is designed as an unpretentious, laid-back bar.

Sure, but what will all those down-to-earth customers do in the wee hours after the new bar closes?


The Adams brothers have a plan for that, too: Next door to the Corkscrew, their wine bar at 1919 Washington Ave., they’ll be putting in a quaint little restaurant:

El Taco will offer authentic Mexican food and feature an underlying wrestling theme.

The restaurant, which is slated to open by early June, will be open until 4 a.m. and will offer 24-hour drive-thru catering to patrons leaving area bars and to nearby municipal employees who work early shifts.

Photo of the former Daily Grind: Katharine Shilcutt Gleave

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  • Washington Ave is short on Mexican food but it may be long on wrestlers.

  • Hasn’t Cyclone Anaya’s already cornered the Mexican Wretler theme?

  • From what I’ve heard about 6th ward & Washington Avenue bars, you should be calling closing time the ‘wee-wee’ hours….
    And, the location is not near 6th Ward, it’s west of Waugh

  • Darby Mom, there are TWO places the brothers are opening. The Daily Grind location west of Waugh will be a bar. The El Taco place will be in the building across from Corkscrew in the 6th.

  • Thanks Brad, helps to read the whole article completely. the possibility for a corny drunk joke was too tempting