Washington News and Rumors: Beaver’s Open, Pig Coming?

Pig Stand on Washington Avenue, Houston

A Sixth Ward reader writes in with this report from the sneak preview of Beaver’s, Monica Pope’s new barbecue joint at 2310 Decatur near Sawyer, just south of Washington Ave.:

Tasty food there, nice interior. There is also a rumor (overheard at Beavers from someone that should know) that a man bought the Pig Stand on Washington, and another Pig Stand (my guess the Beaumont one) and plan to reopen them.

The shuttered Pig Stand stands just north of Beaver’s, at the corner of Washington and Sawyer. Bring on the roasted animals!

After the jump, menu highlights from the now-open Beaver’s (hint: there’s more than meat on the grill), plus a considered summation of the rehabbed ice house from a Beaver’s barbecue stalker.


Swamplot favorites from the Beaver’s menu: the $8 Beaver Wings appetizer; the $6 Sloppy Sandwich, in brisket and pulled-pork versions; and the Beaver Nut Burger — a veggie burger featuring brown rice and lots of nuts — at the same price. And don’t forget to order a Basket O’ Buns!

But hey, this is just judging from the names. A more reliable report comes from the author of a new blog called Tasty Bits, who’s apparently been studying the barbecue dishes Monica Pope’s been selling at the Saturday Midtown Farmer’s Market hosted at her other restaurant, t’afia. The conclusion:

While this state is lousy with cowboy themed concepts, good and bad, there is nothing even remotely resembling a true to form Texas gastroicehouse. Until now.

Great! Let’s all meet at the gastroicehouse! Beaver Balls, anyone?

Photo of Washington Ave. Pig Stand (No. 7): Flickr user Fotollena