Watching the Walls Fall at the Downtown Y

After weeks of prep work, the bricks have at last begun coming down from the old YMCA building at 1600 Louisiana St. downtown. From his vantage point on the 18th floor of the office tower at 1600 Smith St., reader Joe Lex reports that major demolition started this morning — on the walls of the racquetball courts on the south-southwest side of the building.

Photos: Joe Lex (from above) and Kerwin McKenzie

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  • Darmok and Gilad at Tenagra.

    Timba, his arms wide – his sails unfurled.

    Shaka, when the walls fell.

  • That’s the second place where I used to swim to be torn down in the past month. LA Fitness better beware of the demo crew working right behind them!

  • The beast at Tenagra.

  • The downtown Y and the Pru both coming down at the same time… the River Oaks Shopping Plaza getting Katy-fied…King Biscuit closing… Ain’t a good week in Houston.

  • They’re back on track today. They seemed to get in a little trouble yesterday when they dropped the wall from the racquetball courts in the middle of the street. They’re using a slower approach today to try to contain the debris.