Watching Where You Park in Raintree Place

WATCHING WHERE YOU PARK IN RAINTREE PLACE A resident of Raintree Place received an email complaint from the community’s property owners association approximately 10 minutes after her parked car was spotted in her own driveway. Dianne Josephs, who rents her home, tells the Houston Press she had been loading up her vehicle with clothing and household goods to donate to wildfire victims. Regulations in the private gated neighborhood of 86 lots inside the Loop at 10 South Briar Hollow Ln. between San Felipe and Post Oak Blvd. prohibit residents from leaving cars anywhere other than in their garages or in a few designated visitor spaces. This isn’t Josephs’s first run-in with neighborhood authorities: “Josephs says her neighbor circles the complex several times a day to report open garages and cars parked in driveways. Once, she reported him for having his garage open, and she says he flipped her daughter off with both hands. ‘I wanna buy it [the house], but the people here are so mean!!’ squealed Josephs. ‘They yell at me and say, “You’re nothing but trouble.”…but I question authority. When I think it’s crazy, I question it.'” [Hair Balls] Photo: Raintree Place

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  • If it were me, I’d install a glass garage door and security camera. I would post to YouTube the videos of the pissed off parking nazi fuming over my expensive German luxury car parked inside the garage with a closed door.

  • Some adults never get over being tattle tales. What an idiot!

  • Not sure what the issue is. She rented there and agreed to the rules/regs, now she’s upset because someone is *gasp* trying to enforce them? Sure, I think it sounds like a silly, persnickety, perhaps even petty set of rules, but when you *sign on* you *agree* to them. Just like I’d never want to send my offspring to parochial schools.

  • but what kind of a stuckup fascist would send an email rather than get their lazy butt out of their car and ask if she needs help loading up the car so she can comply with the rules.

    rich people making rich people look like idiots, bless them all.

  • they are not rich people. they are job creators. please use the correct terminology.

  • Just because you sometimes have to agree to the rules to live somewhere doesn’t mean they aren’t stupid rules.

  • Solution sounds simple and obvious, move. Or get on the board and change the rules.

  • @Paul,

  • It is well know that the amount of lunacy in a HOA is directly related to the ratio of the proximity of neighbors to each other and the value of the units. The closer together and the more valuable, the crazier everyone gets.

  • Wait, let me get this straight – they actually use their garages for parking their cars? Weird….

  • How ironic, Old School. When City Council passed the historic designation in the Heights, you proudly informed the posters on HAIF that the pro-historic district minority was busily taking photos of old Heights homes, just in case they dared change something without getting permission. And, the Heights doesn’t have an HOA. The minority got Mayor Parker to do it through the backdoor. I heartily agree on the lunacy of HOAs. But, I’d certainly not limit that lunacy to proximinty of neighbors and value of units, as your group has proven all too well.

  • Steve-haha Loved your comment.

  • I use to live close to this location and these people are something else. Because of the design of a drainage ditch,their pools would flood. They(rich people)worked with the city to have the ditch completely redone,a 20 million dollar project. Now the people at the other end of the drainage ditch flood. Thats how you create jobs!!

  • Dave, aside from Old School, who else’s posts are you tracking, memorizing, photographing, etc.? Just curious.

  • We only have one garage and 3 cars.
    Therefore… must park two in street outside of armed gate. Parking in the numerous lots
    only for guests, “domestics”, and service people. NOT RESIDENTS.

    WE never informed of rules until after move in.

  • These people admitted they loved the Raintree, and eventually came to terms with living in a deed restricted area that had no cars parked all over the place…just beautiful homes and landscape to see. They disregarded rules regularly at first, complained about it constantly, then after two years of it they rented another house in the same community and even talked about buying one! No one said anything to neighbors that on rare occasion broke a rule, only the couple that disregarded them completely. Raintree is a hidden, very secure, gem next to River Oaks. I had to move away, but it was the nicest place I’ve ever lived!