Weathering Harvey in an Underground Garage; Last Halloween for Frankel’s Costume Company; The Rise of Texas Breweries

Photo of crape myrtles near Buffalo Bayou after Harvey: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Number of Craft Breweries in Texas Grew 990% in the Past 12 years, Finds CBRE
    wow! Love me some juicy hazy IPAs. I believe “juice bombs” (beer that resembles the color and smell of tropical fruit juice) are the new craze right now. I also love barrel aged imperial stouts but they’re such high ABV that they get you wrecked. Those Prairie Bombs are always fun to drink.

    Re: Houston Breweries, I think Spindletap is doing great on their juicy IPAs. Houston Haze and Operation Juice Drop to name a few. I still need to make the trip to Baa Baa Brewhouse in Brookshire, but coming from Meyerland it’s a bit of a drive. They’re putting out some juice IPAs as well.

    It’s hard to drink store-bought beer these days. For one, juice bombs aren’t sold on the retail market. More of a brewery exclusive. Though barrel aged imperial stouts can always be found at Spec’s/HEB.

  • Wonderful photo from Mark Longoria! Thanks for publishing it, Swamplot

  • Frankel’s closing – Oh no! Favorite ‘go-to’ for everything costume-y! I hope there is a costumed farewell party!

  • The loss of 100 city-owned vehicles angers me…stupid government workers have no accountability and obviously don’t give a damn about being good stewards of the communal resources in their care. One of the first things our downtown company discussed when the flooding was predicted, was making sure no vehicles would be on the first floor of the parking garage (and of course….the basement garage). As all the companies downtown shut down ahead of the storm, so there was probably 99% vacancy in all the downtown garages. If anyone at the city gave a shit, they could have made arrangements to borrow or rent some space in a neighboring elevated garage. Meanwhile, the same organization keeps pushing to cut firefighter pensions…

  • @SuperDave–Ditto!!!! Really pisses me off. Can’t imagine how stupid someone has to be to leave cars in an underground garage knowing full well what was predicted.