West End Reality Fish TV

WEST END REALITY FISH TV When Mexican TV celebrity Aquiles Chávez opened a seafood restaurant in Houston’s West End earlier this year, local English-language media may not have given it the attention a culinary star might expect. But his efforts to open La Fisheria were all the while being filmed by a crew from Colombia. Now Fox-owned Utilisima is planning to air Chávez’s northern saga as a 13-episode reality TV series, Aquiles en Houston, beginning June 10th. (The slower paced video above isn’t from the series, but contains more footage of the restaurant at 4705 Inker than the series trailer put out by the network.) [29-95; Utilisima] Video: FUHA

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  • Great place, great food, neat Texas facts and history on the wall as well as facts about the chef and restaurant. Patio was cozy and comfortable with a large group for a birthday party. The neat thing was seeing chef’s from other nicer restaurants eating at a table while we dined.

  • This isn’t Yelp, but I will concur that the food is good, and the environment distinctive. I guess I may spring for a latin programming package to watch the show.

  • Tried it right after opening. Didn’t find anything that made me want to return.