West End Walmart Development Gets Its Koehler St. Jog

WEST END WALMART DEVELOPMENT GETS ITS KOEHLER ST. JOG Despite the protests of a number of speakers — including council member Ed Gonzalez — who wanted some study of neighborhood traffic to be conducted first, the planning commission yesterday approved a minor variance connected with the West End Walmart yesterday, after 2 earlier postponements. The variance allows Koehler St. to be extended from Yale St. to Heights Blvd., even though the resulting street alignment doesn’t meet city development standards. [HTV; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Good!

  • Me’s gettin me grits iz jus dat much suuner!

  • Anticipated heavy traffic solution: Open a parking lot north of Walmart on Yale and one south of Walmart, hmm land’s a little tight there… You have a bike and a car. Then walk, bike, skate, second line, on the ‘refurbished sidewalk or the new walking trail’ to appropriate parking lot. Go on about your business, rinse, repeat for the return trip. Or just cut through the neighborhood and use Studewood to avoid the train.

  • They should go ahead and extend Koehler through the Heights Boulevard esplanade too.

  • Can anyone enlighten me as to when they were last in a tailback trying to get into Target? No? Thought not. So why in which case are we busy predicting some kind of traffic armageddon for a similar sized Walmart that we are apparently all going to be boycotting anyway?

  • Pretty sure Koehler will cross the esplanade. Now 2nd Street does where the Bridge 20 townhomes are located and it looks like that will line up with Koehler when the apartments are gone.