West Houston Can Now Flush in Good Conscience

WEST HOUSTON CAN NOW FLUSH IN GOOD CONSCIENCE When last we (and the aircraft supplying aerial images to NOAA) left the West District wastewater treatment plant along Buffalo Bayou just outside Beltway 8 at the flooded southeast corner of Memorial Glen, it looked like this: shut down and surrounded by muddy floodwaters sorely in need of its services. That was September 3rd. As of this morning, the city’s Office of Emergency Management reports, both this plant and the one on Turkey Creek off Eldridge between Briar Forest Dr. and Memorial have been restored to full operation. This means persons in ZIP Codes 77024, 77041, 77043, 77055, 77077, 77079, 77080 and 77094 who had been following guidelines to limit their water use are once more free to shower, flush, brush, and otherwise send wastewater down their drains without special consideration of the consequences. [Alert Houston; previously on Swamplot] Aerial image of West District plant from September 3: NOAA  

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  • Bear Creek still can not.

  • does a bear creek resident crap in the woods?

  • I used to cycle on the Terry Hershey Hike & Bike trails along Buffalo Bayou ( NOT the Buffalo Bayou as some mis-informed out of town and local news idiots mis-named it). There is a Swim & Tennis club nearby-actually well hidden in the woods. I always wondered what bright bulb @ the City of Houston or the EPA placed this treatment plant in this location? I guess if there was overflow, it would hopefully make it’s way to the Bayou. Well at least the aforementioned ZIP codes have potable water. I know they’re glad about that!