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  • $500K for a property appraised at $299K, this is what is wrong with the Houston housing market….

  • A 5500 sq ft lot is not large, in ordinary language, though perhaps it is realtor-speak. The lot directly directly abuts a large church-school complex, but hey, it’s WEST-U!!!!!!

  • Tex, are you confusing the HCAD valuation with an appraisal?
    Not the same thing.

  • Sure it’s a teardown, but couldn’t they clean up a little before taking the photos?

  • @miss_msry,

    If it is a tear down, why bother?

    Actually, I’d rather see a home completely empty, but I’ve said that before.

    If I was only interested in the dirt, I wouldn’t even look inside the home.

  • Yo miss_msry, Didn’t I see you on the New York Times last night?