West U Shelter-In-Place Order Just Lifted Following This Morning’s ‘Southwest Houston’ Shooting

WEST U SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDER JUST LIFTED FOLLOWING THIS MORNING’S ‘SOUTHWEST HOUSTON’ SHOOTING Weslayan Plaza, Weslayan at Bissonnet St., Montclair, Houston, 77005The city has just cancelled stay-put orders for the folks in a zone straddling the borders of West University and the Montclair and College Court Place neighborhoods, as the crime scene investigation of this morning’s rush-hour shooting spree at the Weslayan Plaza strip center wraps up. The shelter-in-place request was active while the bomb squad was checking out the now-deceased suspect’s Porsche near his residence in The Oaks condominiums at Weslayan and Law St. Folks ranging from KPRC to the FBI reported the shooting as taking place in “Southwest Houston”; the shopping center is technically in the southwest quadrant of the city, though a good deal closer to Downtown than the area that usually gets that descriptor. [Houston OEM, KHOU; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Weslayan Plaza: Regency Centers

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  • I actually saw a quick news blurb with a google maps pic of Southwest Houston on it, with niether West U. or Bellaire even visible on the map. Yeah, this isn’t SW.
    But 20 mins of open shooting during rush hour, was this factual? That’s a quite a long time to have an active shooter. Best wishes and speedy recovery to all.

  • News reporters are saying that the shooter recently pulled a gun over a dispute with roofers replacing the roof of his condo building. I’ve seen several of these condo roof replacements take several weeks to complete. Rain inevitably leaks in during that time frame. The guy probably had his roof leak and drench his condo leaving him breathing in toxic mold for the past few months… enough to make anyone go insane. We are fortunate that more insane mold victims don’t choose to go out like this.

  • That really needed to be a flush beam.

  • The news calls everything between Downtown and Baytown “east Houston,” so when West U is called SW Houston for one day I get a pettiness-fueled satisfaction out of it.