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  • Thats a full scale sewing machine in that house. How do you even move that?

  • The “loom room” could’ve also been the highlight pic.

  • It kinda just screams 1992, doesn’t it? All walls, few windows, reminds me of Soviet brutalist style..

  • I ride my bike by this house a lot and it always reeks of chemical fertilizer. Like, so much that I wondered if it was a grow house.

  • I guess that’s a good architect but every great lays an egg. Looks like a leak or 12 waiting to happen as well.

  • Memebag;

    If the grower knew what they were doing, and growing the correct hybrid, you would be clueless as you pedaled past their grow house !

  • Why so much hate? The only thing I’d change is the silo-ish dome. To what I don’t know. Maybe an umbrella form…

  • What a strange place…it definitely falls into the “maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time” category.
    I used to live around the corner from this house and always used to wonder what the inside looked like. The house across Brompton from it used to be another odd one…it was probably similar vintage (early 90s), but while I lived nearby it was a total dump. Badly overgrown landscaping, stained and cracked stucco, worn roof, rotted trim, etc. A few times I caught a glimpse of the owner’s fleet when the garage door was open – it included a pristine Ferrari F40 and Testarossa! Easily seven figures worth of cars.
    It always surprised me that an upscale municipality like West U tolerated a level of decrepitude that would throw a middle-class suburban HOA into full attack mode. In any case, the house was fully-renovated and cleaned up a couple years later.