Westbury Mod Sellers Drop Price, Video of Space Age 3-Bedroom off W. Bellfort

WESTBURY MOD SELLERS DROP PRICE, VIDEO OF SPACE AGE 3-BEDROOM OFF W. BELLFORT Brubeck plays in the background as this new clip from the sellers of 5702 Warm Springs Rd. pans around the 1959 single-story just off W. Bellfort, showing off some of its era-appropriate renovations like laminate kitchen countertops, cork floors, a mosaic-patterned wall by the entrance, and Formica surfaces throughout. $10k fell off the asking price yesterday, bringing the house [a previous Swamplot sponsor] down to $379,000. [Oscar Fine Properties; listing] Video: Oscar Fine Properties

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  • From the condition of the house, I’m assuming it did not flood. Anybody know for sure?

  • @Benjy Compson: It likely did not. A friend of mine lives on that street, and her house did not flood. Most of the flooding in Westbury was further south.

  • I work with the agent. The house has never flooded.

  • Very nice collection of MCM furniture.

  • We live in a ‘midcenmod’ too, but it had a few updates by the original owner before we moved in in 1999. We love the bones of the house and would never make any modern updates.

    I loved the video and music which is the most creative realtor marketing that I have seen. Very well done!

  • I love the house and its furnishings. I wish I could afford it.

  • Nice house. I’ll take five.

  • Do the furnishings come with the house? I actually find all the collectible furniture and brick-a-brack in the photos to be really distracting. There’s too much going on in the photos and the lines of the house are obscured.

  • That pink bathroom! Very mid-century.

  • I’ve seen other mod houses posted where people assume or ask if they come furnished. What would make anyone think that? They don’t ask that on the other occupied houses, just the ones where it looks like the owners have a nice collection of valuable & collectible mid-century pieces, probably reflecting years of searching, buying, collecting. What would make anyone think that would just given away with the house? If you don’t have your own mid mod collection started, then you’re probably not the buyer for the mid house anyway.

  • It’s a museum. The actual living must take place in the little house out back.

  • I am the owner of the house. My wife and I are moving to a smaller house, so some of the furniture could be negotiated with the sale. We also have other mid century modern furniture in storage that could be discussed. I can confirm that the house did not flood. It is located in one of the highest spots in the neighborhood.