Westheimer Fish & Knife Spot Will Soon Be Home to Lubbock’s Finest Dining Experience

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse, 7801 Westheimer Rd., Houston

New signage is up already at the former home of the Fish & the Knife restaurant at 7801 Westheimer. The 13,000-sq.-ft. sushi nightclub at the corner of Stoney Brook opened last February after 4 years of preparation, then closed after only 9 months of operations — with promises of a reopening after a “rebranding.” But it appears that a restaurant touting itself as “Lubbock’s Finest Dining Experience” is now preparing to open a Houston branch in the space instead. “The restaurant is already hiring a full retinue of staff,” notes Houstonia‘s Katharine Shillcut of the new Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse, “but construction and cleaning appears to be underway and could take a while.


Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse, 7801 Westheimer Rd., Houston

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse, 7801 Westheimer Rd., Houston

Photos: Joe Carl White

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse

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  • exactly what that stretch of Westheimer was in dire need of!

  • There at least three other Brazillian steakhouses within a mile of this location (Fogo de Chao, Chama Gaucha & Angus Grill). I predict nine months or less for Lubbock’s finest Brazillian restaurant followed by its inevitable evolution into a strip joint.

  • The corner probably has the most Swamp Plot time of any other spot in Houston. Not sure why.

  • Another restaurant comes and goes on restaurant row. Yawn.

  • Didn’t realize Houstonians were interested in what “fine dining” in Lubbock is.

  • If we can keep Starbucks and mattress stores open on multiple corners at the same intersection, I think another churrascaria on Westheimer will have a fighting chance. Fogo and Chama have both been open for a good chunk of time, don’t know how long Angus has been there, but I like this place’s chances, considering how popular this type of business can be in Houston.

  • Man I’d hate to be on the other side of that ‘fish and the knife’ deal. So much money spent — over 4 YEARS? Only to close in 9 months. Damn. That stings.

  • shouldn’t our own local ChurascO’s Restaurant have some type of copyright infringement lawsuit on this restaurant named ChurascA’s….?

  • @Houstonian
    I don’t think anyone considers this part of Westheimer ‘Restaurant Row’ unless we are discussing strip mall restaurants. I think most people are referring to about 7 miles east of here.

  • 4 yrs to build, 9 months in and closed to sale… Money laundering 101 folks…