Westheimer Rd. Cafe Adobe Closing on Mother’s Day

WESTHEIMER RD. CAFE ADOBE CLOSING ON MOTHER’S DAY At the palm-obscured corner of South Shepherd Dr. and Westheimer since 1981, Cafe Adobe announced that it will be closing this Mother’s Day, May 12, reports the Houston Business Journal. The property at 2111 Westheimer Rd. was purchased last year by Hines, which has said it plans to tear down the restaurant to build a 215-unit apartment complex. An up-to-date rendering of the complex-to-be hasn’t been made available. [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • I have a lot of good memories there – so decided to go there a few weeks ago one last time. It was nice Sunday afternoon and we worried we wouldn’t get a table on the patio deck on top. We got there and there were only four people up there. We had to ask for cutlery and small plates for our appetizers. The margaritas were never great there, but they were some of the worst margaritas I’ve ever drank. We were going to eat there, but when the rest of our party arrived, we closed the bill and went to Zelko’s to eat. Good riddance.

  • I never quite understood the draw of that place. One of my friends was crazy about it though.

    The last time I went there was with her and some other friends. One of the friends ordered nachos with no peppers. When the nachos arrived, the plate was loaded with the unwanted hotties.

    She asked the waiter to bring her another order without peppers. What he brought was the identical plate of prepared nachos with the surface jalapenos removed. Unfortunately for our friend, she did not discover the deception until she had eaten the first layer and found some stowaways still hiding.

    I was surprised that she did not taste the pepper juice but apparently she did not. The mood she was in, no one said a thing. She was hot though, and not in a good way.

  • Yayyyyyy, more apartments!!!

  • The worst food and margauritas…in Houston…happy to see it go bye bye

  • I agree with OP. in a town filled with great tex mex options, cafe adobe was average at best. Gross margaritas and slippery floors. Thanks

  • I have a friend from overseas who loves this joint. I feel that I have failed as a Texan because I could never find a way to respectfully persuade her otherwise.

  • It was a gay hangout when Montrose gays felt they needed enclaves to call their own and seek refuge from the homophobic world out there. Now there is no such thing. The gay hangouts – Cafe Adobe on Wednesday, Berryhill on Sunday, etc.. they’re all gone. And good riddance. One gets tired of seeing the same sad faces over and over again.

  • Meh, I kinda liked Adobe. It was a fun place to meet a group of friends on a random weekday and have a early afternoon marg on the patio.
    Food wasn’t great, but the margs were okay. And they had a pretty good happy hour. I’ll be sad to see it go just because I’ve been there so many times (including when I first starting venturing to the montrose area from way out in beltway land — before I knew better ;0
    Now it’s just Maria Selma and Berry Hill for day time patio margs (unless someone else has good Montrose suggestions?)

  • I’m very sad to hear that cafe Adobe is closing I’m not too for sure what day..what month…what year the previous people who commented concerning the closing..I have nothing but GREAT memories for the Adobe..this was a great place to hang out,eat,laugh, talk, gain new friendships
    strengthen old ones it was awesome!!! it WILL be missed!! Oh and for the record Im not gay..really!!