What Counts for Rehab: Houston Ave Bar, Reloaded

A reader who’s been tracking the progress of a new drinking establishment opening in the building that used to house the Houston Ave Bar on the corner of Spring St. in the First Ward sent Swamplot these photos just before the holiday. And over the weekend, the place opened — in “soft launch mode.” The name: Re:HAB. Get it? There’s a big grassy parking lot next door, and the new hike and bike trail goes by just across the street. Which means if you fall off your bike or wagon you can always stumble in here to recuperate.


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • color scheme by lego..

  • And with Distillery Twenty 5 Twenty showing up a few blocks away, makes me wonder how long it will be before Houston Ave is trendoid.

  • was there recently, pretty uninspiring joint.. not sure how this one will last

  • They could appeal to the icehouse crowd.

  • Nice to have a local bar in the neighborhood which caters to adults.

  • Available: prime 14,900 sq ft land with 3000 sq ft warehouse perfect for bar-gallery-studio-bike/kayak storage, etc. on Spring St/Heights hike & bike trail…or develop residential. Way below market @ $250K…(713)851-1980

  • Stopped by this bar recently and loved it. Will definitely go back. The owners and bartenders are very friendly and it’s a great place to hang. The “color scheme” doesn’t affect my opinion of this being a great and very clean place to hang out.

  • you can take a meal there or sometimes there is a food truck on hand.. I really like that place and it is a great little spot to celebrate a bday or anything else you can think of.