What Do They Want from the Third Ward?

WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM THE THIRD WARD? “I own a small lot [near Scott and Alabama] in the third ward area, it is a gated lot near UH. A real estate agent wrote a letter asking if I would be interested in selling the lot. I paid no attention to it but he called and asked if I would be interested in selling. I told him if he made an offer I would consider it. I asked him what are they going to building on the lot but I could not find out until I signed the contract. It looks like this real estate agent does residential properties but new homes don’t sell fast in that area of third ward. Do you have any idea of what he could developing in that area? Could it have something to do with the rail line? I am just curious as to what could be built in that area. My lot is 5000 sq ft and it is surrounded by residential lots.” [Swamplot inbox]

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  • That entire area around UH is changing. When completed in about 2014 the light rail line will surround 2 sides of the university. Currently there is a construction boom on campus (new east dining hall, 2 new massive dorms, 2 huge classroom buildings, another new parking garage and retail, new stadium, new power plant, as well as other improvements and new additions I am probably missing). I cant wait to see what UH and the surrounding area looks like in a few years. Go Coogs!

  • If a developer is sniffing around, there’s something going in that’s going to make them some money & they’re likely going to try to lowball you. Hold out, do some research, get your own seller’s agent & sell it through them. You’ll be better off.

  • Is it close enough to UH that they might be trying to buy up lots for parking?

  • UH is either going to build a new football stadidum on Scott St., or if Tillman wins, on the intramural fields near 45.

  • U of H is demolishing Robertson Stadium and builing a new stadium on the same site. Estimated cost is $120 MILLION – heed Tara’s warning. Hang on to your lot, don’t let a realtor/developer low ball you!!

  • * There is some question as to where the new stadium is going to get planted. In the existing location is no longer a lock.

    * All of the construction is putting a serious beat-down on existing parking lots, as they have to be cannibalized for contractor parking and Construction Tetris.

    * Eventually, it will get sorted out… Four to Six years from now.

    * I think the guy is just speculator sleaze. Or maybe he knows TSU has something goin’.