What Holy Rosary Catholic Church Is Knocking Down Right Now

Demolition at 3505 Louisiana St., Midtown, Houston, 77002

Demolition at 3505 Louisiana St., Midtown, Houston, 77002The church property that met its unmaker this morning is was a 2-story 1930s house at 3505 Louisiana St. (shown above, several hours post-meeting). The property sits 1 block north on Milam and 1 west down Holman from the main sanctuary of Holy Rosary Catholic Church. A demo permit with the church’s name on it was issued by the city yesterday, listing demolition and sewer shutoff as the planned program for the 3600 block of Travis between Berry and Winbern streets where the 1930s sanctuary and rectory stand.  A representative of Holy Rosary, however, confirmed to Swamplot this morning that no demo is in the works for the buildings actually located at the permit address.

The church acquired the freshly flattened house at the corner of Louisiana and Holman St. in 2003; the home sat vacant next to the church’s Religious Education building for several years before today’s teardown. The space will add to the church’s parking territory for the time being.

Photos of demolition at 3505 Louisiana St.: Swamplot inbox

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