What Houston’s 11 Cooling Centers Have To Offer; Outer-Loop PokeWorks Push; Sam Houston University’s New Avian Artwork

Photo of Discovery Green: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Snacks? Entertainment? Are they kidding? Aren’t they are suppose to be cooling centers and not day care centers? Water coolers and perhaps a big screen TV at most.

  • Yeah, WR.
    We’ll be in there gulping down bottles of Evian, eating caviar toast points, and groovin’ to the mellow sounds of a Kool and the Gang tribute band, while laughing at all the suckers who are footing the bill. Not.

    I bet you’re still seething over cheeky Oliver Twist asking for more gruel. A few decks of playing cards and a case of Fritos from Costco isn’t going to break us. So far as the big screen TV (I’m surprised you’d spring for that extravagance), just try to find a channel that more than two people can agree on.

    I’m with you on the water bottles, though. Water fountains with chillers should be sufficient, and eliminate all that waste plastic.

  • I’m not against the idea of cooling centers but wtf, bottled water? I’m as conservative republican as they come and I’m fully against single use plastic bottles. I have a hard time banning them as I don’t think it’s the governments place — but if they did ban them I wouldn’t lose sleep. A bottle that’ll likely be in the dump for 1000 years so someone can drink 12 oz of water?
    What’s wrong with a damn water fountain? Go big and make it super filtered. Or offer some paper cups if you must. But free bottled water? You know how much people respect things that are free?