What Is Pappas Going To Do to Mama’s?

WHAT IS PAPPAS GOING TO DO TO MAMA’S? Pappas Restaurants is the new owner of Mama’s Cafe at 6019 Westheimer, west of Fountainview. The restaurant shut down over the weekend “after 30 years of serving Huevos Hofbrau and CFS,” reports the b4-u-eat newsletter. A Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is next door; a new restaurant in the former Mama’s location is expected to open in about a month, possibly with the same name. [b4-u-eat] Photo: City-Data

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  • I hope they continue serving cinnamon coffee.

  • Nooooooooooo! I loved Mama’s! I hope they don’t change a thing. I didn’t even know they were closing! Sadness. :(

  • Oh no! The demise of the bean burger. Hamburger, fritos, refried beans, guacamole, and pico. On second thought, perhaps it is a good thing.

  • While I haven’t been a regular for years, the joint has a place in my history. I grew up around the block and when I waited tables nearby all of the waiters congregated at Mama’s after our shifts to cycle our earnings back into a more worthy establishment. My wife and I met for dinner there before we even went on our first official date. Walking into the restaurant immediately cured a hangover. The Botanas were always my favorite.

  • When my family used to live in the Galleria area, Mama’s was always one of our favorite restaurants, my ex-wife would always want to to go on the nights that they were serving pot roast and my son would always order his favorite Mac&Cheese.It will be a shame if they get rid of Mama’s it had a charm all its own. but unfortunately we all know what happens to restaurants once they change hands.
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  • Its so sad. Mama’s was one of the only restauarnts opened on Christmas Day. Where will go for dinner.

  • That place had gone downhill big time over the past few years. Last time I was there, there were bugs flying around, the tables were dirty and I found a piece of plastic in my chicken fried steak, so obviously they had started using pre-packaged frozen patties.

  • I haven’t eaten there in a while, but I hope Pappas doesn’t destroy it like I would expect them to.

  • Mama’s has long been one of my favorite late-night places. Really it was good any time. I’m sure they won’t be the same under new ownership.

  • That building needs to be hosed down with bleach and soap. Dirty!

  • I did like that place before I met a very rude bartender I’d rather not mention her name,but every other word out of her mouth was the f-word and she had her favorites.I don’t know how she kept her job for so long I never in my life met such a rude server.The food was alright and the Bloody Marys were delicious my daughters love their breakfast.I sometimes would sit at the bar and there was no bartender there to take my order instead he would be outside smoking taking a cigarette break I always had to wait for him to come back in after every drink and I told the management that there was nats and fruit flies around the bar area it never improved also it was always frezzing.I believe it will succeed with new owners,new staff and management!I look forward to going back I trust Pappas!!!

  • Worked there in the late eighties and early nineties. Great memories! Bet Pappas reopens it as “Papa Mama’s” or “Mama Mia”.

  • Thank god! That insect-ridden bacteria trap should have been condemned years ago.

  • The mamas cafe in san antonio aint much cleaner. Actually they rank in the local news behind the kitchen door segments on a monthly basis. They have been closing stores briskly.

  • It’s been ten months now, and I really miss the place. I ate there at least once a week. I think the Pork Chops were my favorite meal. I also loved the Peach tea. And, I
    miss Chris & Ambrosia, who usually waited on me.
    Please re-open soon!

  • How about we call it…The Momma’s & The Pappa’s.

  • It’s been 4 years since Mama’s closed. Beaver’s is going next door in the old Texadelphia space. What is Pappas Brothers up to with a property that’s been vacant for 4 years?