What It Takes To Get Into the Vintage Lounge

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET INTO THE VINTAGE LOUNGE This week’s Houston Press exposé on velvet-rope racism includes several first-hand accounts of actual sightings of minorities inside the Rice Village’s Hudson Lounge — and this sweet little nugget of nightclub strategery from Amir Ansari, owner of the Vintage Lounge at 2108 Kipling (across the street from Petsmart): “‘A bar is like a prison, and we have to keep our population in check,‘ [Ansari] says. ‘We are outnumbered 100 to one — we have to prescreen. I’m not letting eight random guys come in in a group. They will usually start fights or bother the girls, which makes matters even worse.’ . . . Ansari has structured the dress code at Vintage to encourage long-term business, or so he hopes. Patrons sporting designer labels such as Dolce & Gabbana or Armani will move on to the next trendy bar soon enough, while more casually clad customers in button-up shirts and khakis are more loyal, he says. Beyond that, ‘We don’t allow graphic printed shirts. No Affliction stuff — nothing you would see on Jersey Shore,’ Ansari adds. ‘No baggy hip-hop stuff, but even that style is dying off.'” [Houston Press; previously on Swamplot]

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  • hehe, that guy has some good one-liners.

  • About the same thing you’d hear from a bouncer at the pearl on douchington avenue, erm I mean washington.

  • So he fashionist against men? What about prostitutish dressed women? Do they count?

  • wow, you’d think he’d be more careful with his words cuz it makes vintage lounge sound like a place to avoid. of course that’s true for any place that keeps a velvet rope outside.

  • I avoid any place that will judge whether or not my attire is appropriate. Rather, it my decision as to whether any place is worthy of my money.

  • Hims looks like a bumblebee and his bar is gross! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • He’s got a ‘fresh outta college frat star’ vibe working and he wants to keep it that way. Most folks who don’t fit into that demographic wouldn’t have fun there anyway.

    I’m interested to see if the owner mixes it up with his new location in the new/old Gallant Knight. I don’t think that Houston needs a Vintage II.

  • So the guy wants a certain profile in HIS bar? BFD. Every establishment has a target clientele from Wal-Mart to Neiman’s and Taco Bell to RGD.

    You think a gay bar wants a bunch of mini skirted big breasted bimbos anymore than a country western place wants a bunch of stuffed shirt prepsters?

    That is why there are thousands of different establishments that cater to every whim and taste. You don’t like contemporary furniture? Don’t shop at Cantoni. You hate seafood? Then there are a thousand steakhouses for you.
    Get the picture?

  • JT – Amen!

    I think it’s funny how people are so worked up about his very honest, very candid comments.

    He’s just protecting his business and trying to ensure the longevity of his establishment. Repeat after me: It’s not personal, it’s business.

    It’s not personal, it’s business.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go there.

  • Long live Brooks Brothers!

  • I love Vintage! Go there every weekend

  • Rocky, you must be from Stratford High School, those are the only people who go there.

  • Actually Im from West Texas

  • I know Rocky and yes he is from West Texas and goes to Vintage. He just has a thing for bartenders with pony tails.

  • JT nailed it. Too many people are getting emotional about this subject…maybe they should actually run a business before they let their “feelings” dictate their opinion

  • You think a gay bar wants a bunch of mini skirted big breasted bimbos anymore than a country western place wants a bunch of stuffed shirt prepsters?

    A lot of this started with the “gay” ciscos” which never really just “gay” but a nice mix as some owners, the successful ones, finally realized as they begn to welcome the bimbos along with the “bodies beautiful.”

    There were some memorable moments at the door so to speak. Particularly the memorable moment when one of the bimbos was told she wasn’t dressed appropriately by someone who didn’t realize she was Sally Struthers.

  • A lot of this started with the “gay” ciscos” which never….

    A lot of this started with the “gay” discos which never….

  • The owner is complete you know what, and his bar sucks. Amir has way to much EGO for me to want to spend my money there. I guess things never change. The old Gallant Knight is owned by them as well. Time to boycott ladies and gentlemen!!!

  • I live right by Vintage Lounge and I only ever see it doing any discernible business once every few weeks or so. But yes, on those nights patrons stumbling out of there are just as loud and drunk as anywhere else.

  • Bahahahaha.
    It’s funny to read what the socially unacceptable who don’t have the looks/bank statements/proper attire/female accompaniment to get into this place are saying to make themselves feel better.

  • Admittedly I am, especially now, feeling very old but surely we can all agree that calling each other names is not polite and that rising to trolls is as pointless as it is sisyphean.

  • Who is this “Matt Mystery”….he sounds so dreamyyyyy

  • Matt Mystery is…….please that is a thread all to itself and the adjectives are limitless.

  • glad my comment about the raid that happened here got deleted….next time it snows in houston i guess it wont be at vintage

  • I’m sure it’s still a fine place to get the sniffles.

  • From Melanie:
    Matt Mystery is…….please that is a thread all to itself and the adjectives are limitless.


    Don’t forget the adverbs!

  • Really, “Brad?” I’m SURE you’re not the Brad affiliated with Red Room that has some sort of stalker-like obsession with Vintage and its owner… Nice job bringing bar smack to a real estate related site, guy. Defelecting from your own bar’s velvet rope?