What It’s Like To Live in One of Those Townhomes Fronting Allen Parkway


A slope, a staircase, and 3 floors of living space likely make an across-the-traffic bayou-view 1998 townhome on Allen Pkwy. east of Montrose Blvd. a bit of a workout as well as a place to rest. The end unit rising behind Buffalo Terrace is part of the 11-home Townes of Buffalo Bayou development, designed by Looney Ricks Kiss. It went up for sale Monday, with a $450,000 asking price.



Off the front entry, which faces north, the first level’s layout includes a tile-floor bedroom (billed as a study) and a full bath:



Up the stairs, a trio of French doors open onto . . .


a balcony with a green screen that filters views of Allen Parkway and Buffalo Bayou.


The 2,522-sq.-ft. home’s second level has an open floor plan with living and dining areas suggested by just a hint of a wall here and there —plus changes in lighting fixtures:


The dining “room” gets a chandelier:


Steps away, the living room opts for recessed lighting (and recessed built-in shelving, which flanks the gas log fireplace with marble surround).


The kitchen adds dark finishes to an otherwise lightly painted interior:


There’s a bit of a bend in the breakfast room:


A similar bay shows up in a 3rd level bedroom with another of the 3 full bathrooms:



Meanwhile, the master bedroom repeats the built-ins below it:



In the master bathroom, the layout splits the water works, with an oversized shower at one end (above) and the demi-sized soaker tub at the other:


All 11 units share an “auto court” that serves their rear-entry 2-car garages. The driveway has access off Stanford St. — near neighboring television station KHOU Channel 11. This home requires an annual $2,200 maintenance fee. An open house of the property is scheduled forSunday afternoon.

A Home You’ve Driven By

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  • Dang, that is fugly.

  • I think that looks quite nice, minus the wallpaper… which is a non-issue.

  • I’ve always loved the location and exterior of that development. The interior is quite plain, but at that price one could do some upgrades to the kitchen and get some modern furniture to give it character.

  • I always liked these townhouses. I’d love to live right across the street from the park. I almost bought one in 2004 for $375,000, but got spooked by all the traffic on Allen Parkway right outside the front door. I ended up on the other side of West Gary.

    Any idea how much water these places took on during Allison and Ike???

  • They’re pretty high up, they might have not flooded at all. Email the realtor and ask for disclosures if you’re interested.

  • Nice, but it is too far away from a grocery store for me. Would be great if you work at KHOU.

  • Awesome location! I would seriously consider if I were in the market.

  • You could walk to Whole Foods on Waugh from that location… I like the house too and love the location.

  • Lived down Stanford from these in Ike and they did flood (not even close). Not sure about Allison. I like the exterior and location, but as others have said the interior needs updating.

  • Every time there’s an event at Elanore Tinsley park, they block access to your house, plus you get all the trash from concert goers and weirdos ringing your doorbell. No thanks, I want to live in a place where you have to pass a credit check before even getting past a security guard with a shotgun.

  • I do remember that KHOU flooded during Allison. Are these town homes higher than the station?

  • Seems like a bargain compared to other townhouses in the area.

  • commonsense……” a place where you have to pass a credit check before even getting past a security guard with a shotgun.”……is EXACTLY where we want YOU!

  • I had friends who lived there during Allison, I don’t believe their home flooded, but there was water on the street up to the bottom of the stop sign at Buffalo Terrace and Stanford (they got a picture). The homes themselves are built up on a little hill of sorts, about 5-6 steps up from the street to get to the ground floor/garage level. But that’s just based on memory, obviously could just be part of the story. They loved it there, both the location and the home itself. They were on the Buffalo Terrace side, so their windows didn’t look out over Allen Parkway, but I never remember sound being an issue, either from roads or neighbors. Now the KHOU news chopper was a different story!