What Stands Out on Buffalo Bayou, Even When It Floods

With water levels on Buffalo Bayou around Shepherd Dr. now forecast to recede, this drone video of one stretch of the waterway — taken yesterday during a lull in the rains — may turn out to be one of the best views available of the extent of flooding at the northwest corner of Montrose. A few video highlights, still visible above the floodwaters: The top floor of The Dunlavy, high above the now-complete-subsumed Lost Lake; the fuzzy treetop semi-circles formed by the twin stands of crape myrtles at Waugh Dr.; the Waugh Dr. bridge itself, now looking like a causeway; and the patterned grounds of the Beth Yeshurun Cemetery.

Video: Evan Mallett

Dunlavy to Waugh

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  • Time to rebuild at LEAST 3+ floors above ground level. The City NEEDS to quickly revamp the building codes. Stop the out of control McMansion single family and townhome construction. Introduce more water absorbing ground and LESS concrete.