What the New 6-Story Apartment Building Quietly Going Up in Museum Park Will Look Like, in Black and White

Rendering of the Hampstead, 1508 Blodgett St., Museum Park, Houston

Deccan Development is the firm behind the unlabeled and unannounced 36-unit brick-and-stucco apartment building now under construction at 1508 Blodgett St. just north of MacGregor Elementary in Blodgett Park. And here’s a grayscale version of a rendering of the design, by Houston’s Clerkley Watkins Group (architects of the new District at Greenbriar apartments in town, among other apartment projects). For the Hampstead, 4 stories of apartments are going on top of 2 garage levels, which will be accessed from separate driveways on Blodgett and La Branch.

Rendering: Clerkley Watkins Group/Deccan Development

The Hampstead

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  • Would it be too much to ask for just one of these to actually have style, instead of the same bland building over and over and over and over…….

  • Gee … looks like almost every other apartment building going up … imagine that :/

  • it would actually, the surrounding housing price points don’t justify an uber-lux complex with plenty of style to go around. you’re talking about such a niche part of the market that that type of complex would either have to be owner-financed or built in the uptown/river oaks areas.

  • Yes, Shannon, it would be too much to ask. The proletariat needs a place to live, too.

  • Again? Haven’t we seen this before?

  • The Proletariate can’t afford this–and speaking of the Soviets, even they had more style than this rote dullard. I’m not asking for a Haussmann hotel in Paris, id just like it too look like they didn’t paint by numbers. Please no lecture on Stalin, I’m good.

  • I see a lot of style in that rendering. Maybe not the style you like, but too much style is harmful to architectural longevity. Too much style and it looks dated too quickly and gets torn down before nostalgia sets in.

  • “The Proletariat” would be a great name for an inner-Loop midrise apartment building.

  • @ GoogleMaster: I agree 100% that it would be hilarious to name a project “The Proletariat” for the sheer irony.
    While I have to agree with others that The Hampstead looks similar to other recent apartment projects, I don’t object to its style. Sure, it is bland but an upscale kind of bland. Better than if all of these projects looked like a 1970s-era Sears.
    Of course, the “beauty” of all of these projects is that we’ll be able to tell when these were built in 20 years since they all look alike. Sort of a “tree ring” effect, except for apartments.

  • Come on, builders…something, anything. This is as boring as the rest of ’em.

  • I stand by my characterization of affluent urban midrise apartment-dwellers as fitting with the meaning of “proletariat”. They ARE poor and they don’t even know it yet. (An aside: Many farmers in many third-world countries that are able to live considerably above subsistence level and that in fact have very leisurely lifestyles consider themselves to be poor, but they are quite rich by this comparison as far as I am concerned.)

    Increasingly few people are wealthy enough to make personal statements by virtue of the architectural style of their housing choices.

  • “The Proletariat” would be a great name for a hipster bar on Richmond just east of Montrose.