An Undercover Barfly’s Report from Down the Street

AN UNDERCOVER BARFLY’S REPORT FROM DOWN THE STREET From the report of former Texas peace office and expert bar witness Darren K. Coleman who recently performed an assessment of Cottage Grove bar Down the Street at 5746 Larkin St.: “On April 20, 2018, Mr. Coleman made an anonymous visit to the Bar to make personal observations. During his visit, Mr. Coleman observed numerous cars parked along the street, some being cars belonging to Bar patrons and some belonging to residents and/or residents’ guests. He observed that traffic was not impeded by cars parked along the street; however, two cars could not pass at the same time. He assessed that this was not uncommon for any neighborhood where cars are parked along the street. Mr. Coleman did not observe litter in the area. Additionally, he observed the patrons to be well-behaved and polite. No one was intoxicated or displayed belligerent, loud, aggressive, or lewd behavior. The indoor music was at a moderate volume and was not loud enough to interfere with normal conversation.” Coleman’s report was included in testimony presented to a state judge after a group of neighbors protested the bar’s request to renew its TABC license. Based in part on Coleman’s outside opinion, the judge found Wednesday that the bar wasn’t violating any TABC rules and recommended the TABC approve its requested renewal. [Texas Office of Administrative Hearings] Photo: Down the Street

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  • This bar has really become a nice neighborhood bar. Beside the crazy parking, most patrons walk there since it literally sits in a residential neighborhood.

  • He could have, at the least, spiffed up the report with some real (or bogus) decibel readings at the front door.

  • We should really start considering making a lot of these streets into one-ways. I tried parking over by Ladybirds the other day (similar area to Down The Street) and there was literally no street parking available without parking in a ditch. One way streets would allow street parking at least on one side of the road.

  • Every neighborhood needs a bar like this one.

  • expert bar witness – where do I apply for that position?

  • Stating the K, middle initial makes Darren appear much more official. I would like to think it stands for Kevin.